About Quilling Magic


Quilling is a beautiful paper craft, specifically, the art of rolling thin strips of paper around a needle-like tool, then shaping the paper coils into intricate shapes and designs.

I first became aware of the art when I spotted some hand made greeting cards over six years ago, which I thought where so fantastic and different, and I was inspired to quill! Making birthday cards for friends and family. After designing the stationery for my own wedding in 2008 my hobby quickly turned into a small cottage industry after I was inundated with such fantastic feedback from all my guests!

Each individual item is created by hand, with every quill and curl individually made to suit your design. We can theme several pieces to create a full set of bespoke stationery, including:

Order of service
Place settings
Thank you cards

We can colour match to your event, with coordinating envelopes, ribbons and printed inserts.